Retail Therapy: Norma Kamali

April 14, 2010 by Lila Delilah

If you were to pick three fashion designers to join you for dinner at Indochine, you would definitely want Norma Kamali to be on your short list. Her design ideas are always unique and never dictated by trends, her spirit is welcoming but complex and her drive to break through boundaries and experiment with new technology is inspiring.

Norma is credited with inventing the sleeping bag coat, high heeled sneakers and the multi-use poly jersey clothing that can be worn thirty different ways. She redesigned the bathing suit in 1972 and is credited for fueling the hotpants craze of the 60s. Today, her focus is creating cloths that are utilitarian. She has a line of clothing for Walmart, eBay and still maintains her signature collection.

On of her many fashion theories is that, “Timeless style is the definition of modern fashion.” Her shopping logic does not stray far. Read on and let us know what you think.

What’s your most prized deal?
Like everyone, I love shopping to find something at a great price and that I know I can really use. I don’t have one particular prized deal because I have learned– with time– possessions own you. So if I prize it, it will own me.

Biggest regret that you didn’t purchase?
There is always something better. I think that it is not meant for you to have and move on.

This season you are looking for…
I don’t shop by season. I think that no one does really, except that it means colors change, fabrics may change. We tend to buy when we are emotionally connected to something we see and really like. I think seasonal wardrobes morph into one another and are no longer the main reason to shop.

What’s your number one shopping tip?
Never shop under pressure for yourself or a gift.

What’s your biggest weakness?
Buying for Zeke, my mini-daschund.

Is there an item for which a shopper should never mind paying full price?
A good bra.


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