On Sale: Michelle Obama’s Election Night Dress

April 6, 2010 by Lila Delilah

We happened to be trolling around the Bergdorf Goodman website and happened upon the sale section. Imagine that?!

We couldn’t believe what we found: Michelle Obama’s election night Narcisco Rodriguez dress for 65% off. The now famous red and black ombre dress was $4,400 but is now $1,540. Talk about owning a piece of fashion history and it’s even more beautiful in person.

In addition to the iconic Rodriquez, we also found a few great Alexander McQueen pieces for 65% off. This stretch poplin dress, which is perfect for Spring in the city, was $995 but is now $348. A citron draped dress was $1,495 but is reduced to $523. Over at Neiman Marcus– which owns Bergdof Goodman– there is a black trench coat was $3,275 but is now $1146,

As of now, all these items are in stock. If you’re seriously considering one of these sale pieces we suggest that you buy now and decide later. Politics aside, they are all an amazing deal.


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