Filene’s Finds: Missoni & Blumarine

April 15, 2010 by Lila Delilah

This is such a torturous time of year. The new season is starting and there’s nothing on sale. Our credit cards were aching for a swipe when we decided to head down to Union Square to do some discount shopping at Filene’s Basement.

We are happy we did because we found some gorgeous pieces of Missoni and Blumarine priced at a fraction of their retail value. In addition to the average sweaters and blouses there are also several incredible evening gowns. Remember, the Spring benefit season is upon us.

Here’s the lowdown: Missoni sweaters and sweater sets are $199, complex knit dresses $399 and a sweater coat is $249. We also found a breathtaking, fully beaded vest that weighs about 10 pounds –think: x-ray vest– for $299. The tag says, compare at $800 & up but we imagine that this piece was several thousand dollars.

If you’re into heavy beading, we also found a beaded Blumarine coat for $999, an exquisite gold sequined dress for $999 and a heavy beaded jacket for $499. There is also normal clothing like a sweet Blumarine summer top for $199 and jelly bean color knit sweaters with french collars and cuffs for $299.

Gowns? A red Blumarine asymmetrical gown is $599, a Missoni gown in a rather subdued print is $299, a magenta ruffled Blumarine is $699 and a partly beaded Missoni cocktail dress is $499. Many of these dresses look like they were runway highlights and were originally priced into the $1000’s.

Our theory is that it’s better to buy an item when you see it for a good price, even if you don’t have an immediate need. It’s when you are pressured to make a purchase that you end up overspending …and on an item you don’t even like very much.


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