Divorce Your Jewels

April 7, 2010 by Hayley Corwick

Everyone woman needs a “pink pages” girlfriend. You know, the friend who knows everything about town. Like the pink pages of the New York Observer, she can tell you where you can get a good deal on a used Birkin, she texts you Daniel Boulud’s cell phone number when you need to cater a small dinner party and helps sell unwanted pieces for the best price.

We like to think of Melissa “Missy” Schorr as our pink pages. It’s no surprise that she has made a successful career of helping her friends rid themselves of unwanted valuables with her company, DivorceYourJewels.com.

Sure, there’s a jewelry store on every corner willing to give you cash for gold but it’s in Missy’s best interest to get you the best price because she knows you depend on her.

A woman wanted to rid herself of a Cartier Love bracelet with diamonds, which retails for $11,900. After scouring 47th Street, the best deal she could find was $2,000. Missy helped her client sell her unwanted Love for $5,900. A great deal for the buyer and seller.

Missy is usually accessible within the holy trinity- New York, Palm Beach and the Hamptons. She can easily help you discreetly get rid of your unwanted jewels but Daniel Boulud’s cell phone number is reserved for her BFFs. Click here to see a catalogue of her current stock of jewels, which includes a Buccelati ring and Bulgari bangles.

Missy Schorr

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