Retail Therapy: Janie Schoenborn

March 31, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Janie Schoenborn grew up loving Lilly Pulitzer’s designs. She adored the bright prints and the bold patterns. Years later her love turned into passion as she is now the design director for Palm Beach’s most preppy institution.

Janie’s biggest design challenge is trying to turn the very familiar brand into something that still looks new and fresh while maintaining the Lily look. This season, the company is launching the Kenlyn pant, which uses high-tech Dow XLA stretch fabric. For Spring 2010 Turquoise was selected as the season’s hottest color, which is perfect for the Lily Pulitzer brand because of its universal appeal. “It puts everyone in the same state of mind — on vacation,” she Janie.

Today, Janie lives by her mother’s fashion rules: be confident, have your own style, wear pink and a dash of Opium perfume. Read on for more shopping and style advice from Janie Schoenborn.

What’s your most prized “deal?”
I love and collect and obsess over jewelry. Real, faux, vintage, the bigger the better. No matter what statement piece I am wearing, I always wear a large carved jade ring on the middle finger of my right hand. It is set in gold, goes with all my pink, and I know it brings me good luck. It is my signature piece and I adore it.

Biggest regret that you didn’t purchase?
I didn’t keep the Lily Sophia metallic jacquard dress from last season! Not only is it stunning with its subtle sparkle and ornate beading, but it is also the perfect go-to dress for just about any event.

This season you are looking for…
I have been traveling so much lately that I am super tempted to get that gold roller suitcase from Prada. Is that over the top?

What’s your number one shopping tip?
My mom always wore these flowing silk outfits from the ‘70s – hot pinks with a gold braided belt, long gold earrings. She wore Opium perfume and I thought she was the most glamorous woman alive (she now lives in Fairfield). My mom was always herself and that is the best advice ever… be confident, have your own style, wear pink and a dash of Opium perfume – it is absolutely irresistible.

What’s your biggest weakness?
I love old-lady makeup colors: old-lady coral lipstick and vintage red nail polish on trimmed nails. I just found the best new color – Cajun Shrimp from OPI – the new gel mani. It is that ‘40s chic red that isn’t too dark and has a bit of coral in it. I think deep down I have a lot of eccentric-old-lady in me and I fully embrace it!

Is there an item for which a shopper should never mind paying full price?
A good bra. Without it, you are sunk. Literally. Get measured and spend whatever they ask.


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