Prada Sample Rack Rolled Out

March 9, 2010 by Lila Delilah

It’s March and the Prada sample sale rack has officially been rolled out for outlet shoppers. The Woodbury Common’s Prada outlet is offering customers a chance to take home legitimate samples (mostly size 38 to 42) at a fraction of their retail price.

We couldn’t identify anything from spring 2010 but did find lots of winter 2009 merchandise from both the Prada and Miu Miu collections. There were a wide assortment of Prada deep v-neck dresses—gold velvet, mink and embroidered– with boiled wool bottoms ranging in price from $230 to $400. We also found pieces of the leather strip series that were priced about $1500.

Our favorite part of this Prada collection, and the sale rack, were items with paillette embroidery. Included were a skirt, dress and coat all priced around and above $1000. A bit expensive for the sample rack but all are classic times that will look fabulous for decades to come.

Miu Miu items include a brocade print wool coat and dress and ill-fitting heavy wool wrap dresses and tops all under $300.

If you’re not a sample size you can still take advantage of deep outlet discounts. All skirts, dresses and pants are an extra 40% off the outlet price. Most everything else — including accessories and shoes–are an additional 25% off the outlet price.

While shopping, look carefully at tags. Some items are reduced even further. We found a rack of lacy winter 2008 merchandise where some items were marked an additional 60% off.

We are told that the sample sale rack will stay out until all the merchandise is sold. Don’t leave that as an excuse to procrastinate because Prada is a heavily trafficked store and items at this price will not hang around for a long time. We bet those $90 wool bloomers will even find a home.

The outlet is more than happy to ship merchandise if you aren’t able to make it to the white-capped mountains of Harriman, NY. Just remember that all sales are final and not all merchandise is without damage.

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