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March 1, 2010 by Lila Delilah

You can find the most wonderful treasures if you take a moment to peak along some of the side streets along Madison. As a matter of fact, just this week we stumbled upon Perez Sanz in the the space that was formerly occupied by Debauve & Gallais, on 69th Street, just west of Madison.

Perez Sanz carries an array of artisan accessories, including bags, belts, brooches, jewelry and household objects. The boutique’s Argentine owner, Julio Perez Sanz is part designer and part artisan. Most of the items are handmade and adorned with a combination of silver, mother-of-pearl and semi-precious stones.

Sounds expensive, huh? We thought so too until we took a closer look at the price tags. Bags start at $350 for a leather and silver evening bag to $3,300 for a full-on silver and coral minaudière. An exquisite alligator bag with silver hardware is moderately priced at $1,850.

We especially like the Perez Sanz belt buckles, which could easily spice up a LBD or your normal winter wardrobe of jeans and a sweater. Buckles range in price from $100 for a small silver buckle to about $500 for one that is large and ornate. Some of the larger pieces also double as a large broach.

The boutique also carries lots of small and unique pieces of jewelry and household items like a silver candle snuffer, a large opal cuff and big cocktail rings. So if you’re shopping along the Avenue and feeling uninspired, don’t forget to look around the corner. There you may find something truly unique and luxurious.

Perez Sanz
20 East 69th Street
212- 249-5151


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