Liberty of London at Target

March 15, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Another season, another Target designer line. This week it was a 360-degree collaboration with Liberty of London. The 135-year-old British department store known for their bold floral prints has a wide selection of Target merchandise including, housewares, men’s wear, women’s wear, kid’s cloths, bathing suits, linens, picture frames and even a reported floral print bicycle.

The floral collab has been quite the sensation, at least in New York. A pop-up store, which opened in mid-town ahead of the official box-store launch, had to close a day earlier than planned because everything sold out. We knew if we wanted to find a good selection of merchandise we would need to hit a lesser known Target than the popular Jersey City location.

Our plan turned out to be a good one. Our mid-day shopping trip was a successful harvest on most accounts. The North Bergen Target was heavily stocked with women’s dresses, bathing suits, kid’s cloths and some housewares. Men’s floral print shirts, tableware and bedding was were running low even at mid-day. (Click here to see all of our Target pictures.)

We’ve had a real problem with the quality of the merchandise that’s been created by Target for recent designer lines. This time around there was a lot more to focus on besides the clothing. The pictures frames, trays, bedding and even the children’s clothing were exquisitely executed and a real value. The women’s apparel would have been tremendously more appealing if more of the items were made of cotton. Polyester doesn’t breath and we can’t imagine tenting ourselves in a floor length synthetic fabric in the heat of summer.

Overall, the prints are adorable and a much needed spray of color amidst the gloomy wind and rain of our most recent nor’easter. If you can’t get to a Target immediately, shop online because the mechanise is going fast and once it’s gone… it’s gone.


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