Petit Bateau Sale

January 5, 2010 by Lila Delilah

We have been anxiously waiting for the Petit Bateau sale. Last year we stocked up on sale pajamas to use as kid’s birthday presents and gifts when most items were 50% off.

This year, we are saddened to report that the sale is not nearly as good. For one thing, this season, there was only one style of girl’s velour pajamas and they are just 20% off or $46. The regular cotton pajamas are 40% off and now range in price from $28 to $29 depending on size and style.

Very few items are 50% off. We were able to dig up a little girl’s pink wool coat that was $250 reduced to $125 and one style of white undershirt that was still almost $20 for two pair. Take a look for yourself, the sale is online too but the selection is more limited than the store.

Better luck next year.


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