Yipit Launches

December 17, 2009 by Lila Delilah

We know you love Madison Avenue Spy because we serve up great sale information about all your favorite boutiques but there’s more to New York than just shopping. Yes, just a bit more. Like, we need to eat right?

Yipit sorts though all the promotion clutter and serves up the best deals at restaurants, bar, spas and services from all over the city. Oh yes, they have shopping information too. (Some of which comes from us!) What’s even cooler is that you can enter your personal information and Yipit’s sale data will be localized to your specific neighborhood. We’re talking a three block radius.

Our favorite Yipit deal came this fall, when David Burke Townhouse offered an Octoberfest lunch for $9. The Spies all loved the food and the price. Right now in our neighborhood, we can get 20% off a new bag at Artbag when we bring in a purse for repair, we can get a free glass of champers at Brasserie Julien or get 25% off a new coat at Barbour when an old coat is donated.

Pretty cool, huh? You can find out the best deals in your neighborhood or throughout the city by signing up here.


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