Ports 1961″Insanely Cheap”

December 11, 2009 by Lila Delilah

As we suspected, the Ports 1961 sample sale is a real winner. Vava Vino hit the sale this morning and reports back that prices are “insanely cheap!”

Shoes are $38 for flats and $64 for heels. Clothes are a steal. Staff is helpful + an amazing press rack with prices ranging from $15 to $70 for gorgeous pieces all size 2. Line to pay is painful but no line to get in and large bright area to try on. Also, they have a small room with a kid’s sample sale. Few pieces but beautiful pieces.

More details (unedited)

38 for a ports 1961 leather ballet flat + 60 for a gorgeous green skirt are equivalent to what s/o pays at H+M for junk!!
Place was super organized by size too.
Skirts were 60, sweathers were 45-60,dresses were 100-400. Saw a gorgeous lace dress marked down to 449 that was orig over 3.
Meticulous detailing and fabric.
People were snapping things up like mad! If you are size 2, sample rack was heaven!!!!!!!!!! Pants, skirts, tops and jackets for 25, 20,35.

Def a sale to go to- worth the trek. And, its a trek, but one that rewards you well!!!

The sale is only today, so if you want to get the goods you better make some time now.

Ports 1961
Friday, Dec. 11
11am to 7pm
601 west 26th Street, suite 875


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