Coach Discount

December 4, 2009 by Lila Delilah

Madison Avenue girls are not usually known for prettifying themselves in Coach. Receiving a discount card, however, caused us to take a closer look.

What did we find? First, we made sure to avoid the handbags. Then we ran into the sweetest lavender cashmere lined gloves ($98). We were hoping to find an acceptable pair of boots but there was nothing. A tween would likly enjoy carrying her lunch money in a wristlet ($98). Yup. That’s all we could muster.

Lucky we aren’t the brand’s demographic but maybe you have a friend, neice, babysitter or sister-in-law who just adores Coach. In that case, you can save 25% off all your purchses at Coach boutiques between December 4 and December 13. Just make sure to take a copy of the above imagine with you on your shopping trip.

Good luck. Even if you don’t like the gift you’re purchasing we are sure they wrap beautifully.


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