Bottega Veneta’s Last Sale

November 20, 2009 by Hayley Corwick

Please let us know what you make of this:

Bottega Veneta is hosting a private sale on bags where their best customers were identified and invited to a two hour 30% off discount. The hitch is that you need to be “on the list” to get the bag promotion. There are no charge sends, no transfering of merchandise and no holds.

One Bottega Veneta fan thinks that the sale will consist of styles that usually don’t get discounted. Another frequent shopper believes that their inventory is so low that they are trying to reward their best customers. (Click here to read Stephanie Rosenblooms fantastic article about inventory levels at luxury stores.)

Us spies? We believe the private sale is a way for Bottega Veneta to confirm their standing at the top of the luxury food chain. Don’t eat it up. Regardless of what BV sales people say, there will be other sales and numours ways to spend your money.

Oh yeah, ready-to-wear and shoes are 40% off.

Bottega Veneta VIP Sale
Friday, November 20th
5pm to 7pm
Contact: Angeline 212-371-5511


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