Bloomingdale’s Friends and Family

November 10, 2009 by Lila Delilah

Bloomingdale’s friends and family started today and goes until Sun., Nov. 15. Everything (read: except designer merchandise) is 20% off.

As a matter of fact, several women were in the Chanel accessory boutique trying to convince a sales woman that Chanel should be included in friends and family. The customers insisted they should, at least, get gift card reward for their perchase.

Yo ladies, it’s not 2008 anymore!

Even though the discount is not stellar checking out Bloomingdale’s makeover is worth the walk. We were a bit disoriented to start but our nerves settled once we realized Chanel and LV had not changed. Everything else, however, is very different.

This is no longer your mother’s Bloomingdale’s. The 79-year-old department store has gone high teck. The cosmetic room is innovative and spacious. What struck us most, was the fact that all the cosmetic counters look similar but have been able to maintain their distinct personalities.

Oh yeah, the David Yurman counter is HUGE and fashion jewelry, which was near the elevators is now tucked away in the back right– where the women’s and men’s stores meet.

Go, check it out yourself and pick up a little something using the 20% off friends and family discount.


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