Jimmy Choo for H&M

October 27, 2009 by Lila Delilah

Jimmy Choo is launching his H&M collaboration on November 14. We’ve seen the leaked pictures but we’ve been wondering about prices. Today the mystery is over. The prices have been officially released, most heels range from $99 to $149, over the knee boot is $299, low boots $149 and flats are $70.

The H&M/Jimmy Choo collection also consists of a great looking array of ready-to-wear and accessories but there’s no question that they are overpriced. A black fake fur vest is $100, jersey leggings $30, rhinestone dress $129, embossed croco belt $60, and shopper bag $249.

These Jimmy Choo prices are a steal when comparing them to his Saks collection but how inclined are you to spend almost $300 on a questionably manufactured boot interpretation — even if it does have the right name on the label? We’re not sure.

The “really” Jimmy Choo collection boots are $1300. Could they be found for $500? Maybe. I think we are willing to take the risk and bypass the $300 version. After all, this is MADISON Avenue Spy not the Look for Less. What do you think?


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