Labor Day Blues Into Fall Hues

September 4, 2009 by Lila Delilah

This Summer, we surfed in the Atlantic, danced on tables in Sardinia, and raced cars in Vegas. Not a bad summer. Labor Day, however, is looming and that means back to business. Without even a moment to catch our breaths we are leaping straight into fashion week, the first ever Fashion’s Night Out and a new Madison Avenue Spy column, which will chronical the shopping secrets of Madison Avenue’s most notorious shoppers.

Before we jump ahead of ourselves, we thought it would be a good time to do a roundup of the best holiday weekend outlet sales. Below is a list of great discounts at Woodbury Commons. Have a wonderful Labor Day and we’ll see you back on Tuesday– the unofficial start to Fall!

Bottega Veneta:
All ready-to-wear is an additional 50% to 80% off for the long weekend. Bags are an additional 30% to 50% off. The best deal is the spring/summer ’08 ready-to-wear collection, which is an additional 80% off bringing the total discount to 90% off retail!

Most merchandise is temporarily discounted an additional 20% off. Bags and shoes are reduced 20% for the weekend, except for classic style bags and Paddingtons. The fall/winter ’08 collection just arrived at the outlet. It is marked 40% off, plus an additional 20%, bring the total discount to about 50% off retail. The largest discount is found in the spring/summer ’08 collection, which is now reduced to 90% off retail. A sales person, however, admitted that there isn’t much left.

The additional markdown is 20% to 40% off. There is very little merchandise from fall ’08 but that’s 75% off retail, plus an additional 40%, brings the total discount to 95% off the original boutique price. Summer ’09 just came to the outlet and is discounted 75%, plus an extra 20%, for a total of 85% full retail.

On Saturday, Prada is rolling out the sample and damaged rack. We are told that it’s clothing currently in boutiques. This is usually “the rack of all sale racks” because the clothing is current and reduced to 90% off. If you happen to fall upon this treasure make sure to budget yourself because the prices and styles can provide to be too tempting for some. Oh, we almost forgot, there will be sample shoes included too!

Handbags are an additional 20% off for the holiday weekend, excluding the Downtown. All ready-to-wear, minus the new shipment of summer ’09, is an additional 40% off. There is a selection of shoes for $199 and some ready-to-wear that’s just $99.


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