Fashion Week: Ports 1961

September 11, 2009 by Lila Delilah

Fashion week has officially started in we’re front row, fifth row and back row center accumulating all the fashion, shopping and style information we can get. First stop: Ports 1961

Who is the customer: The Ports 1961 customer is sophisticated, worldly and very astute to quality. Ports 1961 attracts a more mature (read: older) crowd than their Meatpacking district neighbors.

Why buy: This collection was designed by Tia Cibani and was heavily influenced by Asian culture. The star of the show, by all means, was the fabric. From thick white taffeta to gossamer oyster organza and pink “aluminum lame” every fabric choice was an essential element of the design.

What to buy: Go for the bandeau dresses. The fabric and draping are outstanding. We also loved the back of these dresses, which had a bit of a twist. Also, if they make it to the store, go for the thick clear vinyl belts. Clear matches everything!

Bypass: Eclipse silk satin sheath dress. We can’t imagine it looking flattering on most people.

Overall contribution to fashion: This show proves that choosing the right quality fabric is as important as finding the right design. The Ports 1961 customer will be happy knowing that they are buying a high quality garment and it shows.


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