Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs

September 15, 2009 by Lila Delilah

Marc Jacobs is one of the biggest shows during fashion week. It’s the only show that draws Madonna, Lady GaGa and Rachel Zoe. Yes, he gets the celebrities and the fashion crowd. Most designers don’t draw both.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2010

Who is the customer: Celebs and those who love to love fashion

Why buy: Ruffles and pearls make you smile and feel pretty

What to buy: This rose ruffled number with a high-necked collar is a stand-out piece

Bypass: The fanny packs, which aren’t even cute with an LV logo

Contribution to fashion: Marc makes fashion. Some of what he shows might seem a bit off-the-edge but it always makes its way though the fashion mill and winds up mainstream several seasons later.


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