Fashion Week: Gottex

September 15, 2009 by Lila Delilah

For a long time Gottex was one of the largest designer swimwear companies sold in the U.S. Today, not so much. What happened? We’re not sure, however, when you combine beautiful models and swimwear looking bad is almost impossible.

Gottex Spring 2010

Who is the customer: Top of the line in Macy’s swim department

Why buy: You have a great body and an attitude to go with it

What to buy: Choosing the right shade of a single color can be horribly complex. The precise shade of coral used in this collection was perfect. On the occasion of a fancy swim party, opt for a black Gottex sequined bikini.

Bypass: Bikini bottoms that look like diapers

Overall contribution to fashion: We were expecting a bit more from Molly Grand, Gottex’s head designer.


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