Bloomingdale’s Friends and Family

September 25, 2009 by Hayley Corwick

Bloomingdale’s is hosting a friends and family promotion from from Thurs., Oct. 1st until Sun., Oct. 4th, Everything except cosmetics and some designer merchandise (like, Chanel, of course) will be discounted 20% off. Preselling is already underway.

Department store friends and family sales used to lots of fun but with all the current restrictions we’re not even sure if this is a very attractive deal. If designer brand suppliers were savvy, they would realize that restricting the promotion of their merchandise is only slowing down the retail economy. The prices of items like, Christian Louboutins and Chanel bags, are so high that even a 20% discount does not make their shoes and bags affordable or risk tarnishing the brand.

For now we will take what we can get but be on the lookout because Saks should be releasing dates of their friends and family sale shortly. We expect it to start the week after Bloomingdale’s with a 25% discount. Chanel and other luxury brands are also likely to be excluded but at least you can get good cosmetics discounted.


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