Tom Ford Half-Off

June 25, 2009 by Lila Delilah

You may think that high-end women’s wear is expensive but the prices of women’s clothing and accessories pail in comparison to our male counterparts. Take a pair of Tom Ford shoes. The price? $1800. Makes a pair of Louboutons seem like entry level luxury, which it’s not.

Men who get a thrill from the finest tailoring and styling will be glad to know that their pockets can get a bit of a break. The Tom Ford boutique is hosting a sale where the spring/summer collection of ready-to-wear, suits, blazers, shoes and some luggage are all 50% off.

Most Tom Ford suits are priced about $4500. So the $2250 savings can buy you not one, but two, pair of shoes that are on sale. Socks optional!

Contact: Mario 212-359-0300


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