The Same Game: YSL Cage Boots

May 28, 2009 by Lila Delilah

Every season an iconic piece of fashion emerges. Sometimes it’s a belt at a particular width, could be a bag with a noticeable print or the intricate pleating of a skirt. This season, YSL seems to have captured a look with their Cage Boots. Rumoured to be sold out shortly after the collection arrived, we were surprised to see these wearable (or unwearable) pieces of art reduced.

In the spirit of Madison Avenue Spy–lets play The Same Game!

YSL Cage Boots: Retail price $1,590
Bergdorfs:$1590– will be reduced on June 3rd either 30% or 40%
eBay: $1700
YSL Boutique: $999
Saks: $1590 –will be reduced 30% on June 1 to $1113


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