Saks Private Night 40% Off

May 5, 2009 by Lila Delilah

The Saks mayhem all started this winter with Private Night. (Don’t know what we’re talking about click here to get the details.) They started with a 30% discount but then upped it to 40% and then history was made with 70% off sales.

Well, Private Night is upon us again and runs for two days, Thursday, May 7th and Friday, May 8th. We expect the discount to be 40% off but everone from the corporate offices to the sales floor seems unsure on how this whole sales thing is going to take its course.

We hear that the top brass is waiting for Bergdorfs are Barneys to break first. Bergdorfs has a will of steal when it comes to sale season so it’s going to have to be Barneys. The only question that remains is if the Private Night discount will turn into a full blown markdown or and at sundown Friday. We imagine that the 40% off will stick around for a while but don’t expect any 70% off savings until at least mid-June.


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