Missoni Discounted

April 8, 2009 by Lila Delilah

We don’t get across the park often but one reason to take the bus across 79th Street is Filene’s Basement. The merchandise isn’t as interesting or diverse as Century 21 but you don’t have to deal with crowds or tourists either.

This week friends told us that Filene’s received a major shipment of Missoni summer clothing that should not be missed. Swimsuits, which run about $320 at the Madison Avenue boutique, range from $99 to $130 at the Basement. Beach towels– a great hostess gift– are $30. There are also lots of traditional Missoni patterned and knit dresses.

Yes, the prices are good but after a while one wonders how much Missoni can a person wear without feeling like they are wearing the same thing over and over. So scout it out and just pick your favorites because like everything moderation is key.


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