Chloe Paraty Better with the Euro

April 7, 2009 by Lila Delilah

We are big fans of Bag Snob or anything snobby for that matter. While checking out what’s new and hot we came across a post about the Chloe Paraty bag going 30% off. Normally a 30% off bag sale would not be worth mentioning except that the Paraty bag doesn’t seem to go on sale.

Whenever Chloe has their in store sale the Paraty is excluded. They don’t go on sale at Saks or Bergdorfs either. So 30%–if you like the bag– is a reasonable deal.

However, the Bag Snobs missed a major point., which is hosting the sale, is a European company and all prices are quoted in euros. The green Paraty started off at €1125 and is €788 with the 30%. Convert that to dollars and the final cost is $1060. That’s 45% off the original price of $1900-ish.

So hurray to Bag Snob for sniffing out a great deal but never forget about working in the currency exchange– for better or worse!

Now, what’s your opinion of the Sally?


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