Cadeau Maternity Closing

April 22, 2009 by Lila Delilah

I know this is a bit niche but feeling fabulous when you’re pregnant isn’t always easy. For this reason it is forever important that you look as wonderful as you can. This task would have been so much harder without Cadeau’s maternity clothing. All of us lived in our High Tech Pants, which were ironically made out of the same fabric and manufactured at the same factory as Prada’s high-tech fabric pants.

Well ladies, it was first Liz Lange and now we are saying good-bye to Cadeau. The Elizabeth street store is closing and everything is discounted up to 90% off. The store fixtures are even listed to go. So if you’re ever going to listen to my advice this would be the time. Call your expecting friends or get your pregnant butt down to Nolita today because today is the last day of Cadeau forever.

254 Elizabeth St. (B/w Prince & Houston St.).
Contact: 212-674-5747


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