Ageless Beauty

April 3, 2009 by Lila Delilah

We’ve never purchased a George Foreman Grill, a Clapper or Spray on Hair. Hell, we’re not even fond of Internet shopping. That’s why we were so dubious about meeting dermatologist Adrienne Denese, who is launching several of her SkinScience products on QVC on Friday night at midnight.

First, lets talk about Dr. Denese. She is Hungarian born and received her medical training from Cornell and a Ph. D. from Harvard. She is all about the science of looking great and ageless. Of course our first question was, can you ever be too young for Botox? Her answer, a concrete, “yes.” Apparently, some longtime Botox users have noticed loss of effectiveness. The horror!

Dr. Denese is clearly an established expert. She has a treasure of information to share and has some pretty interesting products too. One product is Glow Younger Self Tanner. Like most of you, we’re not fans anything fake. The cool thing about this tanner is that it’s a clear gel that has absolutely no smell. Not even the wrench of a fragrance free product.

Speaking of the sun, “Absolutely don’t,” insists Dr. Denese. If you’re looking for the sun’s natural vitamin D– which you should–head to your local GNC rather than the beach. Dr. Denese suggests 1000 or 2000 micrograms daily as a cancer preventative. Dr. Denese’s SPF 30 Defense Day Cream wards off both UVA and UVB rays, in addition to providing moisturizer, antioxidants and zinc-oxide. The really unique feature of this product is that it is tinted with melanin, so it enhances your unique skin tone without looking “off color.”

Bottom line, Dr. Denese is a skin science guru and coupled with the hypnotic effect of QVC is sure to be entertaining and informative.

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