Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

February 10, 2009 by Lila Delilah

Who’s There?
Valentine’s Day.
Valentine’s Day Who?
Betch’ya didn’t know it’s Saturday!

Okay. It’s getting close but don’t say we haven’t been warning you. Everyone is looking for an inexpensive say, I didn’t forget. Willing to throw out some coin but don’t want to be cliche? Here are a few ideas that will go far beyond this silly $450 Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Heart Coin Purse.

For Him:
Show you care by replacing your man’s underwear draw. For some reason guys never know when enough is enough. We say 12 months tops. We’ve been told Hanro ($58 each) is the way to go. Hugo Boss is a less expensive but equally worthy option for a fraction of the price ($20 each). Both at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Nothing looks more polished than a perfectly tailored suit with a french cuff shirt. One way your man can show off his personality (or yours) is with a great pair of cuff links. Missing Link (40 West 25th Street Shop LL108) carries more than 10,000 styles, from deco enamels to twenties diamond-and-platinum ones. Everything in the store is top quality and style but you’re going to pay with prices ranging from about $100 to $2500.

Another option is to hit eBay. We are particularly fond of these vintage art deco snap cuff links , which are just $45 and can be delivered to you by Feb. 11 giving you enough time to make a manicure appointment.

For Her:
We know she’s difficult because she already buys herself everything she wants. No! Do not try to guess her bra size and we know you’re not the sample sale type. It’s time to shop the clearance rack at your gals favorite online store.

What women doesn’t need another bag? This Fendi net shopper will be great going into beach season and is reduced from $580 to $319. What’s better is that it will come beautifully wrapped.

It’s almost mandatory to give something red for V-day. How about something that’s red with soul? A Christian Louboutin shoe, perhaps. Not willing to spill a grand? Check out Barneys, which still has fair selection at about 60% off. Sizes are spotty but you should be able to find at least something that will fit your Cinderella.

Flowers? Let’s face it you’re not going to find any flower deals for Valentine’s Day. If you’re downtown we suggest Ariston, which astonishingly has a 20% off coupon on their site. For you’re uptown girl go with L’Olivier. One suggestion: Don’t get roses. Because of the high holiday volume they are harvested early and usually won’t last as long as a one night stand.

If you are totally strapped this season, pick up some cheesy V-Day crap at Duane Reade. We promise, she won’t care. You love her and that’s all she needs to know.


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