Stricter Return Policies

February 4, 2009 by Lila Delilah

As the woes of this economy get ever more difficult, department stores are trying to figure out how to protect their ass-ets. Liberal return policies seem to be the first big change and there may be a lot more to come.

Today, Neiman Marcus Online sent out the below email explaining to customers that merchandise kept more than 60 days will be subject to partial refund. For example, if you keep an item 61 days before returning it you will only receive back 75% of the purchase price. If you keep the item more than 181 there will be no refund. In addition, online sale items can only be returned 30 days after purchase.

These new rules might seem to be aimed at your bff who is the type to keep the tags on while she gives her new dress a “test drive,” but we are sensing this seems to be the wave of the future.

So folks, hold on to your receipts and don’t procrastinate. For the record, Target has a 90 day return policy.


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