Private Fine Jewelry Sale

February 2, 2009 by Lila Delilah

The garment district isn’t the only sector having a difficult season. As a matter of fact, the jewelry industry is having one of their worst seasons ever.

Tiffany, for example, reported that total sales for the November through December period dropped 20%. These declines are outrageous and the jewelry wholesaler is hurting too. Their pain can be your gain.

In this environment, the jewelry wholesaler has to be creative. And that’s exactly what they are doing. For the first time ever, five top-of-the-line jewelry wholesale companies are coming together to host a private sale that’s open to the public.

This one day sale will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 4th. The markdown will range from 50% to 75% off retail. The diverse assortment of companies represented at the sale expands to the budget and taste of customers. Items range from $350 up to more than $15,000. (Remember, Valentine’s Day is in less than two weeks!)

Below are the companies included in the private sale:

  • Hosting the sale is Arezzo, a 35 year-old-company that carries very fine classic and timeless jewelry in 18 carat gold jewelry as well as exquisite diamond hoop earrings, diamond and colored stone bangles, necklaces and other earrings. Arezzo’s jewelry can normally be found in high end jewelry stores like London Jewelers and Hamilton.
  • Also included in the sale is Jadaco, which carries 18 carat gold jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones.
  • Citra Trading Company is one of the largest importers of gold from Italy and also carries pearls and jewelry made with Russian diamonds.
  • Lumiere makes beautiful handmade necklaces and also carries high quality pearls and can be found in the popular bridal and newlywed store, Michael C. Fina
  • Max Alonzo’s pieces are a bit more creative as he twists brushed and polished gold into beautiful works of art. All his jewelry is handmade from 18 carat gold and diamonds. Max’s specialties are rings and bangles.
  • Remember the sale is only one day so there is no procrastinating. The details are below:

    Date: Wednesday, Feb. 4th 2009
    Time: 8am to 9pm
    Address: Arezzo 10 East 33rd Street, 6th Floor
    Phone: 212-869-0665 (0)
    Payment: Credit Cards ONLY
    In the case of severe snow the sale may be postponed until Thursday. Please call ahead.

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