Fashion Week: More Bowler Hats

February 16, 2009 by Lila Delilah

I’m not sure you believed us so I wanted to provide proof: Bowler-hats or bowler-like hats are all the rage. We even spotted Zac Posen sporting the look.

Below is a picture of an authentic bowler hat worn to the Prada Iconoclasts party. You too can get your own personal bolwer at J. J. Hat Center (310 Fifth Ave. at 32nd), New York’s oldest and largest hat store, the shop claims to have stock in over 10,000 hats.

Here is picture of a bowler-like hat, but you get the picture.

There were many more hats at the Mercedes Benz fashion week opening night party but the lighting was an issue even for my deft iPhone photography. 

*Double points if you can name the men in the pictures.


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