Cleaning Up the Chaos

February 13, 2009 by Lila Delilah

I have friends with 5,000 sq. ft. apartments and 300 sq. ft. apartments. Believe or not both complain about space. Recently, a close friend of mine was groaning that since the birth of her second son, her living room has turned into a giant play room. I gave her the same name I give everyone running into a space crunch, Heather Ouida of Out of The Box Organizing.

Heather and her assistant were able to transform my friend’s living room in a matter of hours. The best part was that my friend didn’t even need to be home while the elves sorted and reorganized. The cost was just $400, which was much less than finding a new apartment or redecorating. Of course, Heather welcomes clients to join in the process but I personally love fairy tale makeovers.

Sorting the clutter isn’t the only service available. Heather specializes in pre-moves and post-moves so that all your unwanted junk is gone before you land in your new castle. Moving in with a roommate or taking the plunge with your significant other? You can avoid a significant amount of bickering with a professional organizational mediator.

Heather’s best advice, “We live in a vertical city. Go up rather than spread out.” So this Valentine’s Day skip the chocolates and opt for a more moving experience with Out of the Box Organizing. It sure beats couples therapy!

The consultation is complimentary and Madison Avenue Spy readers get 15% off.

Contact: Heather Ouida 917-270-9006 or

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