Spring ’09: Heels and Headbands

January 19, 2009 by Lila Delilah

Spring, more than any other season is a time that trends are defined. I think it has to do with the whole optimism having to do with the season. In Spring 2004, my personal celebrity soared when I declared “Capris and Cuffs” to be the flavor of the year. No need to rehash ancient history, we all know where that went.

Today I feel confident enough to do it again. I declare– Spring 2009 –to be the season of “Heels and Headbands.” I know you love your Chanel ballet flats but they do absolutely nothing for your kankles and that ass of yours will not defy gravity forever. So pull out those heels and not just for evening. Wear heels to breakfast. Heels to lunch. Heels to walk the dog. Sneakers to the gym but heels afterwards. Lulu Lemon is not all-day wear.

Next, headbands. Think less Hillary Clinton’s severe black velvet headband and more Gossip Girls’ Blair Waldorf with her headpieces gently placed in the middle of her head like a tiara. Our style guru, Shawn suggests staying away from a headband that is too wide, “You will look like a pom pom cheerleader in your old high school cheerleading squad.” (As if, we were ever cheerleaders.)

“Hair with a slight wave looks great all tied back in a bun with one or if your daring two thin head bands.” according to Shawn. “A thin headband can even be such items as interesting textured yarn or fabric to colorful dramatic shoelaces.”

As far as conventional headbands go, we go ga-ga for the Paige Gamble coral python gardenia headband (photo above, $450) or you can get the look for less with a flirty floral headband from Claire’s ($5.50)


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