Prada 75% Off Friends and Family

January 31, 2009 by Lila Delilah

I told you there would be another reduction and there is. Through the weekend all Prada boutiques are offering 75% off fall and winter merchandise (along with whatever they dug up from last spring.)

The merchandise is going fast so you might want to put a jump on it. At the SoHo boutique there were plenty of lace bags, small shadow bags, bright colored nylon totes and other assorted cast offs.

On the ready-to-wear racks there was a variety of lace getups, a few shadow dresses and a bunch of winter jackets. The best deal was a $20,000 sable coat that’s now $5,000. We know that’s a lot of bank, but it’s sable!

Just an FYI to all the sales people out there: Just because a $4,000 mini-skirt is reduced to $1,000 does not make it a great deal. And furthermore, nobody –and I really mean NOBODY–cares how many clients purchased the skirt at full price. 

Contact: Michel Hubner (SoHo Store) 212-334-8888


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