Petit Bateau Semi-Annual Sale

January 13, 2009 by Lila Delilah

All of us up here love Petit Bateau–it sure beats the hell out of that poly/cot Splendid crap. Historically, the problem has been the attitude of the store’s sales people. For instance, one would walk in and ask a question and it would not be out of the norm for a sales associate to pretend like she didn’t speak English. (I kid you not!)

No matter how much of a Francophile one may be, it just wasn’t cool. Word on the Avenue is that enough irate customers sent letters to corporate to make a difference. While giving the store an overhaul this Summer, Petit Bateau anchored with a whole new attitude. Gone are the days of a sneer of indifference.

What’s even better is that the store is hosting it’s twice yearly sale where most items are 20%, 30% and 40% off. The discount depends how seasonal the item may be. For example, a basic undershirt is likely to be just 20% off while a stars and bow print pajama is 40% off.

The sale is also online but the selection is very small. So you might want to hit the store if you have a little baby, need to buy a gift for a baby, or need some lounge wear for yourself. Remember, the Woodbury Commons Petit Bateau store closed and finding these goods at a discount is not simple…

… Except if you go to Century 21!

Contact: 212-988-8885


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