Louis Vuitton Currency Arbitrage

January 5, 2009 by Lila Delilah

Welcome to the other side of the new year. As always, we are committed to finding you the best deals in the universe of luxury shopping.  The savings exist even among the loftiest of brands and this economy watching your dime is more important than ever.

Lets use Loius Vuitton as an example. No matter how much you hope, pray, wait or stand on your head they are not going to discount their products. We’re not sure if the “shredding room” is truth or legend but does it really matter how the goods are disposed if they’re not falling into wanting hands for a bargain?

On the Vuitton US web site the iconic Speedy 30 is $700US. The LV’s UK site has the same bag for £355UK or £309UK (minus the VAT*). The exchange rate brings the total cost of the bag down to $447.19 as of business close on Friday, January 1st. That’ a savings of $253 or about 35%.

This currency arbitrage can come in handy among many of our favorite European luxury brands. So officially: Happy 2009 and don’t fret too much about the new economy. There’s always a deal to be had.

*VAT, or Value Added Tax, is a tax levied goods and services in many countries throughout the world, including the UK and most EU countries. The VAT is currently 15% in the UK but is refundable to many tourists upon traveling home.

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