National Jean Company 40% Off

December 11, 2008 by Lila Delilah

The only thing harder than shopping for a bathing suit is shopping for jeans. At least a bathing suit only takes you to the beach or pool area. Jeans need to be worn during the day, a casual night out, with heels, with flats, when it’s raining and cold, when it’s hot and sunny. You get the picture. They are a staple of our every day life.

So when it comes to picking up a pair there is a reason for distress. Does my butt look flat? Are they too light? Am I spilling out over the top like an over cooked muffin? When i bend down does an audiance get a full moon or just a slither? (Both unacceptable.)

The dread of denim.

Then there’s the multitude of brands to choose from: Citizens, Sevens, Rag and Bone, J Brand, Paige, Raven, True Religion, Joes. I personally can’t keep up with it all and nor do I want to. For this reason, I look for the store with the most informed sales associates. Yes, Bloomingdales, Barneys, Saks and Bergdorfs all have enough jean stock to pave an interstate highway. But all these department stores are lacking experianced and knowledgeable sales help.

National Jean Company has become my one stop go-to store for all things denim. You tell their sales help exatly what you want– dark wash, high rise with a slight boot-cut– and they pull a few suggstions in your size. You try them on and I promise you’re out within 20 minutes.

Besides saving you time and anguish National Jean Company is offering customers 40% off eveything in the store from Friday, Dec. 12 to Sunday, Dec 14. That deffinitly comes in handy since the prices of premium jeans are up over 100% in the past four years. That too is about to change!

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