Anik $59 Cashmere Sweaters

December 30, 2008 by Lila Delilah

Anik New York has been a fixture of 3rd Avenue and 77th Street for more than 20 years. The style is always simple but timely. The store carries all the staples of a Third Avenue boutique: lots of Theory, premium denim and beaded tanks. The real treasure here is the cashmere, which is privately labeled under the store’s brand called Malika.

At full price, most of their cashmere sweaters are a good value at $200 to $400. When their 50% off and 70% off sale takes place it’s hard to not overload. Well sale time is upon us and in these economic times people are even doubting $100 cashmere.

This weekend, the Madison Avenue location (at 83rd street) has bins of cashmere sweaters priced at $59! The colors and sizes are limited–camel, gray, navy and chocolate brown in extra small, small and large– but what more do you really expect? 

In other bins shoppers can find premium long sleeved tees and thermals priced at $29 and pastel rayon/nylon blend fitted sweaters for just $19. Most everything else in the store from Fall/Winter is 50% off but the discounts always go to 70% off as the season progresses. 
Tip: Try and pop over on a weekend because additional discounts are often offered as part of a two-day promotion.
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