Reports From the Battlefield

November 25, 2008 by Lila Delilah

One Mad-Spy reader made the rounds today. This is what she reports back:

Saks– If you want bags forget it! Clothes they have pulled more out from the stock rooms and there is still a nice selection. Marco, in Michael Kors mens, is selling at presale prices and letting you take it with you now, worth going to him even if your not shopping mens. Keep it quite though so he does not get in trouble, can’t risk loosing that.

Bergdorfs– Still has a nice selection of everything especially bags. Not as big of a discount as Saks but they still have stock and 40% off is still better than retail.

Gucci– If your looking for bags go to Bergdorfs first they have several of the same sale pieces at the same discount without the presale. Leathers are 40% off and monogram is 30%. Shoe selection was just okay. nothing to party about, but I’m not a huge gucci shoe person so that’s just my opinion.

Chanel– There are still some sale bags left but they are pretty much all pink.

Barneys– Overall not much going on in the bags and the shoe sizes were limited. Didn’t bother with the ready to wear, too tired, Barneys was my last stop of the day.


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