Gucci Gets Ready to Sale

November 17, 2008 by Lila Delilah

I got a phone call late last week about Gucci hosting a “Holiday Shopping Night,” on Thursday, Nov. 20th, were everything in the store will be reduced 10%! When I heard this I knew something was up. So I gave my good friend, Maura a call. Turns out that the big discount is coinciding with the Spring trunk show.

Yeah, Maura knows that that the meager 10% discount isn’t going to drive shoppers like us. So she pointed out that we can take this opportunity to prepare for the official first markdown, which is slated for December. First markdown is usually 40% but I have a feeling that this year’s sales will be earlier and more aggressive than we’ve seen in decades. Maura is off Tuesday but is ready to take your “pre-sale” list.

Contact: Maura 212-717-2619


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