Hermès Madness

September 25, 2008 by Lila Delilah

As predicted the Hermès sale was torturous, at least the line to get in. Price are as follows: Scarves $225, ties $102 and Garden Parties are $852 for the PM. The best deals are the saddles which, are $750 down from $4,200. (I can just picture trying to get a cab while toting a horse saddle.)

One Mad-Spy reader reports:

I went to the Hermes sale and it was pretty large but the line is longer than ever! I got in line at 8:45 and it was already close to 100 people long and I did not get in until 11:30. When I left a little after 12 the line was down 18th street, curved around to 6th ave and I heard it went to 19th. The usual scarves and ties, tons of clothing that no one was touching. Lots of shoes, fragrance, horse things, glass and china 70% off and mainly Garden Party bags. There were no H-belts and only a few other belts, no jewelry, few small leather goods, almost no bracelets just a couple leather ones and all the large sizes of the Garden Party bags are gone.

Racked also has a full play-by-play of the three hour wait, which includes a bit of line cutting scandal. One reader even sent in a full scarf report. I imagine Leslie will be reporting on location again tomorrow morning. Maybe we should partner 50%-50% on tees reading: I survived the Hermes sample sale and all i have to show for it is this crappy silk scarf!

You know, if there’s a three hour line — I ain’t going. But please continue to send me your stories. I love them!


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