Bloomies Private Sale

September 23, 2008 by Lila Delilah

For some reason I have always found Bloomingadales confusing. The actual physical store is so vast that you can easily get lost and their sales are the same story.

I hope to get this one straight: Starting tomorrow, Bloomies is launching a private sale that runs until Thursday (9/23 to 9/25). I’m trying to keep all the offers in order. Please correct me if I’m mistaken anywhere.

Here goes:
First there is a more-you-spend-the-more-you-save type of promotion where if you spend $250 to $499 you get 20% off, and 30% off if you spend above $500.

On top of that, there are $25 coupons floating around the mail. If you don’t have them go to the customer service desk and they will replace the ones “you forgot at home.” So for every $100 you spend you can use one of these $25 coupons up to 4 or $100 worth.

So lets say you find a $500 DVF dress. First you get 30% off, which brings the purchase price down to $350 and then your coupons are good for another $75 savings, which brings the total price of your DVF dress down to $275 for a savings of 45%.

As usual there are lots of exclusions and additional promotions going on in the store –like in the denim and shoes. So grab a cab and go directly to Lex and 59th!


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