A Tale of Two Continents

August 19, 2008 by Lila Delilah

This week, in T Magazine, Lynn Yaeger talks about how she went to Paris and couldn’t afford YSL or much of anything else. Instead– like most American tourists in Europe –she set her shopping sites on something off the beaten path: a wooden duck.

Yager chimes, “And I even loved the euro back when it was 20 percent lower than the dollar and I came home from Rome with, among other things, a one-of-a-kind black alligator handbag embellished with beaded polka dots that, in reality, I never used much. (Maybe I’m better off with a wooden duck?) “

As Yeager interviews her friends about alternate ways to amuse yourself while traveling abroad –museums or windsurfing!?– the International Herald Tribune sings the song of joy as European tourists shop, dine and play New York as if it’s Candyland.

One interviewee explains, “she felt like this summer had turned into a turf war with free-spending Europeans over the chic bistros, spas, boutiques and department stores that she, a native New Yorker, used to consider her playground.”

For now, I’ll be skipping Capri and scoping out the best sales possible. Even with a weak dollar, there is no other country that does sales like the US.


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