Rogan for Target 75% Off

August 27, 2008 by Lila Delilah

It’s a little known fact that Target aggressively marks down merchandise to move them out quickly. Part of the reason why Target is such a wonder company is because it’s amazing inventory turnover –a financial measure of how quickly goods move through the company. It’s the envy of most retailers at 8.7 times a year. Saks, on the other hand, has a annual inventory turnover of 3.86 times. (And you thought that this site was just about shallow sales crap.)

So when the fashion in-crowed was fighting over $16.99 Rogan tees at Barneys, Target savvy shoppers were keeping an open eye. Today the same Rogan shirt is $4.24 at

I’m telling you first hand that this tube top dress was a steal at $40 but it’s impossible not to buy a second for less than $10. The problem is that the store has turned over the inventory to the new collection, Richard Chai, but the goods still can be found on the site. So if you ever feel like you missed a great item– remember that that it’s probably on Oh yeah, shipping is usually free and if you like you can return it to any Target store.


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