Exclusive Hawaiian Gucci Collection

August 7, 2008 by Lila Delilah

Today I was sent the following information from Gucci:

Gucci is please to introduce a limited edition collection, created exclusively for our Hawaii stores. These four unique handbags and single sandal feature iconic styles and fabrics distinctive to this collection. They will be available only at the below Hawaii locations and will not be available on the gucci.com boutique.

Click here to see store information and images of the collection.

This Hawaii thing has me thinking. It’s been more than once that I’ve been able to pick up one of these Hawaiian YSL or Gucci “limited edition” pieces at a small fraction of the retail price. Why would it pay for a company to do a small and limited run for just one geographic location? Why Hawaii? So the journalist in me started itching and I pulled up Factiva for a quick scan.

What I found was interesting. The Seattle Times reports that Hawaii appears to be one of the only states holding up under this economic uncertainty.The Bank of Hawaii “asserts that Hawaii’s mortgage-delinquency and loan- default rates are the lowest in the U.S.”

Roughly one in four visitors to Hawaii comes from outside the U.S. During the third quarter, international arrivals rose 3% from a year ago, the Seattle Times reports. The U.S. dollar’s decline against the euro and other foreign currencies has given international visitors more buying power — and additional motivation to spend while on vacation in Hawaii.

Ah-Ha! I guess that’s why Gucci creates special Hawaii collections. If the bag doesn’t sell I’ll be more than glad to pick it up at Woodbury Common for $30- or so.


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