eBay Hide & Chic

August 21, 2008 by Lila Delilah

This isn’t a sale but more of a crazy marketing ploy by eBay. The Hide and Chic “promotion” is eBay randomly posting high-end designer goods like, Christian Louboutin shoes, Tom Ford sunglasses and men’s Air Jordens for just $1. So what you have to do is search for the $1 goods and be the first to “buy it now” for just $1.

It seems as if this designer hide-and-seek game is catching on and is all the talk at Nello’s as women chat about frantically spending hours hitting the F5 (refresh) button on their computer. I overheard one woman at lunch saying, “I just have it sorted by price (lowest first) … everything is working fine except that I can’t hit the stupid Buy it Now button fast enough!”

I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out how all of this works and another 30 seconds searching for Jimmy Choo shoes, resorting and pressing refresh. Bottom line, if it’s too much work– It’s just not my thing. The “promotion” started August 18th and goes until Friday. If you catch yourself watching the clock Friday afternoon this might be good enough way to pass the time. Hell $1 Louboutins are as good as free Louboutins.


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