Madison Avenue Spy Round-Up

July 25, 2008 by Lila Delilah

Sale season is coming to a swift end and I thought it might be best if we take inventory of what’s going on around town. I called and shopped asking the question, “Do you still have any Spring/Summer merchandise?” Then followed up with the pièce de résistance, “What is the current markdown.” Here are the responses in alphabetical order. There’s more to come on Monday.

Chloe: “We have a few select sizes.” If you’re lucky to be a select size it’s 50% off. (The same as back in June.)

Gisella 212-717-8220

Dolce & Gabbana: “We have some dresses, slacks and blazers but come in soon because it’s all going out after the weekend.” The current markdown is 60% off.

Cono 212-249-4100

Ferragamo: “It’s all here until we do inventory in mid-August.” Most items are 35% off.
Nick 212-759-3822

Gucci: “It’s all gone.”
Maura 212-717-2619

Jil Sander: “We have a little.” It’s all 60% off.
Julia 212-838-6100

Jimmy Choo: “Yes we do!” Along with shoes there is still bags too. Both are 50% off.
Zita 212-759-7078
Michael Kors: “We don’t. Sorry.”
Christina 212-452-4685

Christian Louboutin: “We are really nearing the end and there’s about nothing left.” The discount is just 40% off.

Erich 212-396-1884

Prada: Done
Christina 212-327-4200

Roberto Cavalli: “Yeah.” The current markdown is 50% off.
Sheldon 212-755-7722

Sigerson Morrison: “Yes.” It’s all 50% off.

Valentino: “This is the last week and it’s all being shipped out Monday.” The current markdown is 60% off.
Robert 212-772-6969

YSL: “There’s a bit.” The markdown is 40% to 60% off ready-to-wear (mostly 60%) and 40% to 50% off accessories (mostly 50%).
Donald 212-680-2970

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