Nordstrom Pre-Anniversary Sale

June 30, 2008 by Lila Delilah

Nordstrom is known for having great sales. There are two in particular that can send a city girl shopping in the burbs: The “Half-Yearly Sale” and the “Anniversary Sale.” The Half-Yearly sale is clearance, usually towards the end of the season. The Anniversary sale is a pre-sale before the new collection hits the department store floor.

Starting Friday, Nordstrom’s started their Anniversary Sale. The sale consists of a catalog of pre-Fall merchandise that is discounted 25% to 40% off. Only “Level 2” Nordstrom shoppers get the catalog mailed to them but if you are nice and find a manager you might be able to browse through the catalog. Each department has its own special items that are featured in the pre-Fall sale.

The sale runs from June 20th to August 5th but the sale is limited to “Level-2” customers until the 7th– or so they say. Purchases can be picked up or shipped as of July 18th. Prices return to normal once the sale ends in August.

For your reference library, here are Nordy sale dates:

• Half Yearly Sale for Women + Kids – June 6
• Half Yearly Sale for Men – June 15
• Anniversary Sale – July 20 – August 5
• Half Yearly Sale for Women + Kids – November 7
• Half Yearly Sale for Men – December 26

Even greater deals are available on leftovers at Nordstrom’s Rack stores, where unloved goods are sent to make room for the new season’s looks.


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