SATC Product Placement

May 31, 2008 by Lila Delilah

So Trance, my driver and personal DJ –everyone needs a great rotation of personalized mixes—insisted that I write something about the Sex and the City movie. Big Yawn. It’s so 90’s. Don’t we have anything better to obsess about? I guess not.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a movie person. However, I keep hearing about all the product placement in this SJP-Does-NY epic. I thought it might be fun to actually list it out:

1. Chanel
a. Charlotte with a beige fabric quilted flap bag with pearl detail
b. Carrie wears an grey-ish-offwhite-ish mini flap that she wore over a larger (non-named/branded) tote
c. Lily –Charlotte’s adopted daughter–has a mini Chanel tweed bag
d. A colorful tweed lucky charm flap was also sighted
2. Hermes
a. Carrie carries a 25cm Birkin in vert anis lizard (aka a small green lizard bag)
b. Carrie wrapped in an Hermes wool blanket
c. There’s also a stray Hermes orange box with Hermes china inside
3. Louis Vuitton
a. Charlotte wears a little Azur hard case, like a make up case.
b. André Leon Talley has a customized briefcase with his name written on the side
c. A Firebird, a bag designed by Marc Jacobs
d. A Denim Patchwork Bowley (A $42,000 bag that looks like a hippy art project)
4. Christian Dior Extreme sandal
5. Glaceau Vitaminwater
6. Prada Glace Ombre Folder Clutch
7. Salvatore Ferragamo Ostrich Feather Clutch (gross!)
8. Manolo Blahnik d’Orsay’s
9. Tiffany Elsa Peretti gold bracelet
10. Apple Computer
11. Marlboro
12. Cartier Love bracelet 
13. Mercedes-Benz GLK

Let me know if I’m missing anything. We can continue to add to the list. Remember—ipods weren’t even out when SATC first came on the air. Time has moved on and so should we.


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