Roll Call: 5th Avenue Sales

May 27, 2008 by Lila Delilah

I happened to stop through the Saks sale and figured I would continue on with my afternoon of shopping. Everyone knows the best way to get from Saks to Bergdorf’s it by taking a stroll through tourist alley, Fifth Avenue. On the way I stopped in to see some friends and this is what they had to say:

Saks: In my option, the sale was unimpressive. Can someone tell them to give me a call when they are willing to knock 50% off? Until then I will continue to look and lust. For the purse lovers out there, I stopped by to see my friend Alexandria at Chanel (212 940-4347.) Not much to see unfortunately. The sale department (just 30%) was a bit anemic. See for yourself, here’s a picture.

The Bottega sale (30% off) was a different story. They had some cute styles and lovely colors. Do you agree? Give Helen (212 940-4315) a call if anything strikes your eye. 

Ferragamo: Their sale starts June 5th but my friend Nick (212 759-3822) said that he could start putting aside merchandise for me and “my friends” The discount is 35% but if you have the patience to wait Ferragamo usually has an amazing sale of 50%+ around July 4th.
Ermenegildo Zengia: I love saying Ermenegildo–probably because I’m proud that I can. However, I’m sad to disappoint our male readers. It doesn’t look like there is going to be any price reduction until mid-June. Meanwhile, you can always give James a call at 212 421 4488 to check on inventory etc.
Fendi: The Fendi sale starts this week… or the following week. One sales lady says, “Corporate hasn’t sent down the word.” Sure. Whatever. Dharma, however, was nice enough to offer presale services immediately. (Just shows it’s all about who you know.) You can give her a call at 323 251-9198. It’s 30% off shoes and ready-to-wear. Sorry, bags are not included in the sale.
Takashimaya: There is a smattering of 40% and 50% off. There’s always something unique and cool in there. For more information you can call Eileen Kasofsky at 212 350- 0140/143.
Bottega Veneta: Megumi (212 371-5511) told me that there was no sale or presale yet. After hearing that I just put my fingers in my ears and walked out. Who needs 5th Avenue when the outlet and Saks are offering BV deals? 
Pucci: The sale started on Friday and they are offering 40% off ready-to-wear, shoes and some Spring/Summer bags. Beach bags are not included. There are still some great prints left. Ask for Bruce (212 230-1135). He’s really sweet and has a great eye.

That’s all for today. Don’t forget to tell everyone Lila sent you.

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